New York

New York magazine was a weekly city magazine, edited by Kurt Andersen. The magazine had a sharp mix of news, politics, food, style, entertainment, and humor, combined with an editorial voice that was smart and opinionated. We revamped the covers and features and updated the departments. The design was stylish and elegant, with simple, bold photography, often black and white, a minimal palette of typefaces and colors. We described the look as the graphic equivalent of a stylish black cocktail dress or man’s black suit.

At New York there was an art, photo, art production and imaging staff of 20. Designers included Florian Bachleda, Jennifer Gilman, Deanna Lowe, Syndi Becker, Andrea Dunham, Ellene Wundrok, Pino Impastato, Anton Ioukhnovets, Jennifer Procopio, Vita Parrino, Robert Perino, and Paul Scirecalabrisotto; photo editors were Margery Goldberg, Sabine Mayer, Nakyung Han, and Yvonne Stender.