Old School

This is a collection of some of my oldest work, most of it done in the period from 1978-86 when I lived and worked in Seattle. I was the art director of altweekly The Seattle Sun, and also art directed a series of publications including The Oregon Horse, Energy Times, and Food Advocate, as well as designing covers for underground newspaper Northwest Passage. I also designed a series of gigposters for a variety of bands and events in the area. For much of my time in Seattle I worked with a loose collection of art directors at Square Studio, who included Helene Silverman, Mark Michaelson, Jeff Christensen, Jim Christie, Dennis White, Dale Yarger, and more. Bread & Roses was a community newspaper I edited and art directed in 1977 in Washington, D.C. The unnamed publications with the black circle on the cover and red background, and the Spread Eagle mimeographed cover are throwbacks to my high school days.