Aug 8, 2015

American Illustration Profiles Interview: Juliette Borda

Juliette Borda creates beautiful painted illustrations that combine childlike gracefulness with powerful intelligence and wit. “Did I mention I love color?” she asks rhetorically— and her illustrations are rich with color that is used to great effect. In addition to extensive magazine and publication work, Borda illustrates book jackets, makes fine art, does color consulting for interiors, and produces product design.

Borda’s work is bright and stylish, with a smart, wry sensibility. Her images often deal with fashion, style, and issues relating to “mind/body” (as she describes them on her website). There’s a great sense of playfulness in her work, combined with a smart graphic sensibility. Borda lives in Brooklyn with her family, and has been working as an illustrator for 20 years.

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