Sep 4, 2015

American Illustration Profiles Interview: Martha Rich

Martha Rich is an illustrator and artist whose work is a delightful and exuberant explosion of color, styles, and techniques. She creates art and illustration for a wide-range of formats, including product design, fine art, T-shirts, animation, book covers, editorial illustration, and an ongoing series of engaging personal projects. Rich has also created the 100 for $100 project, making 100 paintings and selling them for $100 each—she describes the work as “humorous and absurd and affordable.” With a vibrant and extensive social media presence and a seemingly never-ending ability to find new ways to showcase her work, Rich is a textbook example of multi-faceted, forward-thinking visual creator. Rich will be part of a group show called Raised by Foxes, at the FOE Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts, opening September 11. Also in the show are Katherine Streeter, Gina Triplett, and Matt Curtius.

Martha Rich is the subject of my latest American Illustration Profiles interview. See the complete interview here.