Jun 12, 2015

American Illustration Profiles: Nora Krug

Nora Krug is an illustrator, artist, and creator of what she describes as “visual narratives.” In addition to her frequent editorial illustrations for publications including The New York Times and The Guardian, she has created a striking series of illustrated books and graphic novels, most notably Kamikaze, about a World War 2 Japanese pilot, and Red Riding Hood Redux, a remix of the classic children’s story. Stylistically her work ranges from bold, graphic, almost childlike illustrations to a rich, layered mix of drawing and collage. The result is powerful, exciting graphic storytelling for a wide variety of audiences.

There’s a rich multiplicity of approaches in Nora’s work, which includes historical reportage and delightful imaginative excursions into humor and fantasy. Nora created the brilliant children’s book My Cold Went on Vacation, with Molly Rausch, a fun story filled with vibrant colors and smart, original visuals. I love the bright, beautiful, poster-like graphic style of her Shadow Atlas book, a “silkscreened encyclopedia of ghosts.”

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