Dec 8, 2018

Chairperson for the Society of Publication Designers Magazine of the Year Award

New York City

I am honored to be the Magazine of the Year chairperson for the Society of Publication Designers Pub 54 competition. The Magazine of the Year award is given to “the art director whose magazine demonstrates the most effective and imaginative use of design, typography, illustration and photography.” It’s a celebration of printed editorial design and visual magazine making. (Last year’s Magazine of the Year was The California Sunday Magazine.)

The co-chairs for this year’s SPD competition are Nathalie Kirsheh (creative director, Glamour and Self) and Casey Stenger (visuals director/producer). The digital co-chairs are Steve Motzenbecker (product design manager, Instagram) and Kristen Dudish (creative director, The New York Times), and the Brand of the Year chair is Anton Ioukhnovets (creative director, 30 point).

Deadline for entering the SPD Pub 54 competition is January 18, 2019. Entry information here.