Jun 9, 2014

Cover Review: Lucky Peach

My new review for the Folio: online Face Up column looks at the latest cover of Lucky Peach, the “All You Can Eat” issue. The cover is art directed by Walter Green, and features a very unusual and very creative cover with a 3D illustration by Jordan Speer that looks straight out of an old Gumby claymation cartoon. I think this is a brilliant cover, very different and unique compared to most other food magazines. And it’s simply one of the most fun covers I’ve seen this year. Like the Momofuku restaurants that Lucky Peach mastermind (and top chef) David Chang owns, the cover is funky, uncompromising, hip (but not hipster), downhome and totally delightful and tasty. Like any great cover, it engages the readers in a visual conversation and invites them inside to discover a world of wonders, while at the same time maintaining the essence of its brand.

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