Jan 8, 2017

Covers of The Village Voice Art Directed by Andrew Horton

Over the past year, creative director Andrew Horton has been directing the visual rebirth of The Village Voice, New York City’s dynamic (and legendary) altweekly newspaper. In addition to giving the insides a complete makeover, Horton brought in a brilliant and eclectic batch of illustrators who continued and expanded the paper’s graphic legacy. Under Horton’s direction, the Voice has again become a must-see (and must-read), with a seemingly never-ending array of cool, energetic and surprising imagery. As Horton moves on from The Voice to add his considerable talents to other projects, we here at Newmanology celebrate our favorite covers from the past year.

(Above): April 27-May 3, 2016. Illustration by Victor Gadino.

vv-wild-rulesOctober 12-18, 2016. Illustration by Craig & Karl.

vv-musto-rulesAugust 24-30. Illustration by ArnO.

vv-marvel-rulesOctober 5-11, 2016. Illustration by Autumn Whitehurst.

vvjaws-rulesMarch 16-22, 2016. Illustration by Steve Brodner.

vv-best-rulesOctober 19-25, 2016. Illustration by Steve Wilson.

vv-freak-show-rulesJuly 13-19. 2016. Illustration by eevolver.

vv-sea-rulesSeptember 14-20. Illustration by Nathan Fox.

vv-escape-rulesDecember 28, 2016-January 3, 2017. Illustration by Paul Pope.

vv-trump-rulesOctober 26-November 1, 2016. Illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz.

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