Apr 22, 2014

Guest Editor at Illustration Age

New York City

I’m guest editing all this week (April 28-May 2) at the very cool Illustration Age website, the great venue for illustration work of all kinds. Each day we’ll be showcasing a different magazine that uses illustration as a major component of their design and content.

The five magazines that we’ve picked: Eight by Eight, Anorak, Reader’s Digest, The Baffler, and The New Yorker, represent a wide variety of genres, audiences, formats, and styles of illustration. But for all of them, illustration is an essential part of the visual identity of the magazine, not just a way to decorate or accompany stories, but an integral part of the regular conversation that is carried on with the readers. The editors and art directors of these magazines are passionate supporters of illustration, each with their own unique aesthetic.

The Illustration Age guest editor introduction is here.