Illustrated Tributes to Nelson Mandela

There have been many powerful tributes to the late Nelson Mandela, including numerous magazine and newspaper covers and front pages. This is a collection of illustrated portraits. You can see a great set of Mandela posters created last summer as part of The Mandela 95th Birthday Poster Project.

(Above): Illustration by Anita Kunz

Bob Staake

Illustration by Bob Staake

Mandela Noma Bar

Illustration by Noma Bar (cover of Vrij Nederland magazine)

Burke TIme cover unpublished 12.21.90

Illustration by Philip Burke (from an unpublished cover of Time, December 21, 1990)


Illustration by Marc Burckhardt


Illustration by Mirky Stapleton


Illustration by Kadir Nelson (from The New Yorker, December 16, 2013)


Illustration by Robert Risko

Karin Caldicott

Sculpture/illustration by Karen Caldicott