New Issue of Gym Class Magazine

Gym Class Magazine, “the magazine about magazines,” is out with a new issue. Edited and designed by Steven Gregor, Gym Class is described by Magculture as “a gloriously mad 32-page psychedelic comic book format featuring commissioned illustrations and as much CMYK as the Newspaper Club can squeegee into their mini format.” Inside are power-packed interviews with Italian magazine art directors Kuchar Swara (Casa da Abitare), Francesco Franchi (Il), and David Moretti (Wired Italia), Letter to Jane‘s Tim Moore on digital magazines, a look at Eureka, a science magazine supplement produced by The Times of London, an interview I did with Fortune creative director Brandon Kavulla, and more. It’s a smart, fun, obsessive magazine, truly essential for magazine makers of all kinds. The CMYK-heavy design is splashy and bold, and the comic book size format is a joy to hold.

Gym Eureka use

Part of the fun of Gym Class has been that its format has changed from issue to issue, from heavy-stock newspaper to digital-only to this new compact size (it’s the same size and paper stock as the My Favo(u)rite Magazine project). And the design continues to evolve and get more detailed and sophisticated. Other issues of Gym Class have had more material, but pound for pound issue #10 is my favorite to date. This is truly a publication with a passionate love for magazines, that reminds us all how exciting and compelling those magazines can be.

Gym Italians

Gym Class Magazine is available exclusively from Magculture.

Gym Kavulla

(A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Gym Class Magazine #10 are going to the Friends of Bob Newman fundraising effort.)