15 Classic Paul Bacon Book Cover Designs

Legendary book and LP cover designer Paul Bacon passed away on June 8 at the age of 91. He designed over 6500 book covers in his long career. As Print magazine said, “Bacon can be said to have invented the bestseller jacket as we know it.” He designed countless blockbuster bestseller cover, including many of […]

12 Stylish Ornette Coleman LP Covers

Ornette Coleman was a giant of jazz, an innovator and style icon who was a force in music and culture for over 50 years. He passed away June 11 at the age of 85. Here’s a collection of a dozen of his coolest and most stylish LP covers. Many of the covers in this collection […]

American Illustration Profiles: Nora Krug

Nora Krug is an illustrator, artist, and creator of what she describes as “visual narratives.” In addition to her frequent editorial illustrations for publications including The New York Times and The Guardian, she has created a striking series of illustrated books and graphic novels, most notably Kamikaze, about a World War 2 Japanese pilot, and […]

Now Hear This! CD Series Illustrated by Yuko Shimizu

Here’s a collection of 12 favorite CD covers from the Now Hear This! series, which originally appeared as an insert in UK music magazine The Word. All illustrations are by Yuko Shimizu, who did 33 covers from 2007-2010. They are energetic graphic explosions of forms, colors, and lines. Each cover was a different take on […]

American Illustration Profiles: Yuko Shimizu

My latest American Illustration Profiles interview is with Yuko Shimizu, the artist and editorial illustrator. Yuko Shimizu is a powerful artist who creates rich, sensual illustrations. She has made a huge splash in the illustration world over the past 13 years, with stylish ink drawings that have appeared in countless magazines, product design and advertisements, […]

American Illustration Profiles: Tim O’Brien

My latest American Illustration Profiles interview is with Tim O’Brien, the noted cover artist and book and editorial illustrator. Tim O’Brien is a modern master of illustration, and one of the pre-eminent magazine cover illustrators of our time. He modestly describes himself as a “traditional oil painter,” which doesn’t begin to highlight the full range […]

American Illustration Profiles: Gracia Lam

My latest American Illustration Profiles interview is with Gracia Lam, an illustrator who says, “My goal is to uncover hidden treasures and messages in everyday life.” Gracia Lam creates quiet, beautiful images that tell powerful stories. Her masterful combination of elegant technique and nuanced storytelling has been showcased in high concept illustrations for The New […]

American Illustration Profiles: Esther Pearl Watson

My latest American Illustration Profiles interview is with Esther Pearl Watson, a remarkable artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and visual storyteller. Her artwork encompasses a wide range of styles, but it’s all rich in detail and symbolism, and powerful in its impact. Whether it’s Esther’s current paintings, which draw on her memories of her father’s attempts at […]

American Illustration Profiles: Guy Billout

My latest American Illustration Profiles interview is with legendary illustrator Guy Billout, who has been a powerful presence in the illustration world for over 45 years. In 1969, new to the States and inexperienced as a professional, he gathered together a set of illustrations and showed them to Milton Glaser, the design director of New […]

The Making of the Shirley Chisholm “Outrageous!” Poster

In 1972 New York City Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm ran an historic campaign for U.S. President. Supporters in San Francisco created a bold, memorable poster for Chisholm’s campaign that featured the slogan “Outrageous!” and is simply one of the most brilliant political graphics to ever come out of an American election. Artist Ed Wong-Ligda was one […]