Jan 15, 2013 By Mario Garcia
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Three-Minute Interview: Robert Newman on Magazine Design

[Originally published September 22, 2008] In our Three-Minute Interview today, Bob Newman discusses the overall state of magazine design in the United States, while offering us a glimpse of his favorite typographic fonts.  Best magazine design overall: Wired. Mario: Bob, you are one of the most accomplished magazine designers I know: how do you see the […]

Dec 22, 2012 By Greg Lindsay
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Design Spotlight: Robert Newman

Fortune‘s design director talks about sublimating his ego, hop-scotching the print landscape, and the interchangability of art directors and editors. [Originally published February 3, 2005] There is no such thing as a “Robert Newman Look.” Unlike other designers—or, to be more specific, unlike Roger Black—Newman hasn’t carried with him any stylistic flourishes or quirks (like […]

Dec 21, 2012 By David Walker
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Real Simple: Creative Team of the Year

The team behind Real Simple fashions a seamless merger of form and function [Originally published March 1, 2004] Editors at Real Simple magazine found themselves in a jam one afternoon as their November issue was about to go to press. A feature story had fallen apart, leaving a gaping hole. So they turned to style […]

Dec 15, 2012 By Ron Reason
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The Design of Real Simple: An Interview with Robert Newman

[Originally published October, 2002] Ron Reason: Real Simple’s covers obviously kick off the magazine with an uncluttered, spare look, well-suited to its content and mission. Can you say a bit about how the magazine’s design reflects this mission and the audience? Robert Newman: Real Simple is a women’s magazine serving a very unique audience. Readers […]

The Accidental Art Director

[Originally published in Print magazine, May 1, 1998] You get into the elevator and press PENTHOUSE, and the elevator takes you to a place where everything is cool. You are—imagine—a budding art director just out of your teens who has won the next best thing to a date with Jewel: an internship at Details, the […]

Sep 1, 2012 By Robert Newman and Jeremy Leslie
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A Conversation Between Jeremy Leslie and Robert Newman for Gym Class Magazine

Jeremy Leslie is the editor/publisher of magCulture, the magazine news, design, and opinion website. This interview/discussion originally ran in Gym Class Magazine #8, in 2011 Jeremy Leslie: It is a strange time for magazines publishing, with plenty of anxiety about the future. How do you see things progressing? Robert Newman: Well, I’m much more optimistic […]