Jan 30, 2013

SF Weekly Covers by Andrew J. Nilsen

Andrew J. Nilsen has been the art director at altweekly SF Weekly for the past three years. During that time he’s art directed over 150 covers, many of them self-illustrated (and one, featuring an illustration by Brian Stauffer won a gold medal from SPD in Pub46). Early this year Andrew found himself jobless after a change in ownership at the SF Weekly. The former white water rafting guide and flying trapeze instructor plans on pursuing independent design and illustration projects.

Andrew’s covers are notable for their heavy use of illustration and their artful and provocative content. “I think that in a time where everyone is walking around with a pocket-sized camera phone, illustration does a better job at capturing the public’s imagination and attention,” says Andrew. “Anyone might be able to take a photo with their phone, but not everyone can create a beautiful, smart, and well-composed piece of art from scratch.” We’ve got a collection of his favorite SF Weekly covers.

(Above): SF Weekly, May 16, 2012. Illustration: Andrew J. Nilsen

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