SPD Pub 50 Magazine of the Year Chairperson

New York City

I’m honored to be the chairperson of the Society of Magazine Designers Magazine of the Year judging, part of the Publication Design 50 competition. The competition selects “the magazine that demonstrates the most effective and imaginative use of design, typography, illustration, and photography” for 2014.

The chairs for Pub 50 are Fred Woodward (design director, GQ) and Florian Bachleda (creative director, Fast Company), along with Brand of the Year chair Janet Froelich and Digital Competition chair Melanie McLaughlin (creative director, Collide Brand Consultants). The deadline for entering Magazine of the Year and the rest of the Pub 50 competition is January 16, 2015. Get more information here.

Judging for Pub 50 and the Magazine of the Year will be February 6-8, 2015.