Suede: “Multi-Culti Urbanista” Style and Fashion Magazine

In it’s debut issue, Suede editor Suzanne Boyd identified the magazine’s audience as “multi-culti urbanistas.” The style and fashion magazine was a joint venture between Essence magazine and Time Inc., and published four issues in 2004-05 before it folded.

The complete Suede debut issue manifesto read: “Style is in our DNA. And we, the multi-culti urbanistas stand at a new intersection of street and chic. Our dial is tuned to the catwalk and the corner. We are fashion crazy. We come from the culture on the come up and use fashion to amplify who we are. We revel in the entire spectrum of black beauty and love the skin we’re in. Feel it.”

That pretty much described the four issues of the magazine, which were a gorgeous and energetic explosion of color and style, expertly crafted by creative director Richard Christensen, who went on to start the ad agency Chandelier Creative. With an illustrated, day-glo logo, a multiplicity of typefaces, layouts that broke mainstream publishing rules of every kind, and fashion stories that featured predominantly African-American models and celebrities, Suede was unique and iconoclastic.

Here’s a look at all four Suede covers, plus a look at the premiere issue manifesto.

(Above): Suede, Winter 2004. On the cover: Eve. Source: Fashion Bomb Daily

March 2005

Suede, March 2005. On the cover: Zoe Saldana. Source: Fashion Bomb Daily

April 2005

Suede, April 2005. On the cover: Tyra Banks.


Suede, Fall 2004. On the cover: Alicia Keys.


Suede, Fall 2004. Manifesto from inside the issue. Source: Hashtags and Stilettos


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