10 Covers of The New Yorker Illustrated by Bob Staake

Bob Staake is a remarkably diverse and multi-talented illustrator based in Chatham, Massachusetts. He has been creating art and illustrations in many forms for almost 40 years, although he is quick to point out that “I refuse to call what I do ‘work.’” Staake’s illustrations have graced the pages of countless magazines, as well as over […]

5 Great Illustrated Martin Luther King Magazine Covers

This year we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King on January 20 (his real birthday was January 15). During his lifetime and after, King appeared on numerous magazine and publication covers. Here are five of our favorites, featuring illustrations by Paul Davis, Ben Shahn, Barry Blitt, Mark Ulriksen, and Robert Vickrey. Be sure to […]

Art Spiegelman’s 10 Best Illustrated Covers of The New Yorker

Illustrator/graphic novelist/cartoonist/etc. Art Spiegelman has a retrospective show opening at The Jewish Museum in NYC on November 8, 2013. Art Spiegelman’s CO-MIX: A Retrospective, will feature images from Maus, RAW, underground comics, and of course, some of his memorable covers for The New Yorker. We’ve put together our 10 favorite Spiegelman New Yorker covers from […]