Nelson Mandella, RIP

The New Yorker, December 16, 2013 Cover illustration: Kadir Nelson Art director: Francoise Mouly Read about the making of this cover here.

Art Spiegelman’s 10 Best Illustrated Covers of The New Yorker

Illustrator/graphic novelist/cartoonist/etc. Art Spiegelman has a retrospective show opening at The Jewish Museum in NYC on November 8, 2013. Art Spiegelman’s CO-MIX: A Retrospective, will feature images from Maus, RAW, underground comics, and of course, some of his memorable covers for The New Yorker. We’ve put together our 10 favorite Spiegelman New Yorker covers from […]

Modern Packaging Magazine Covers by Walter Allner

Walter Allner was the deputy art director under Leo Lionni at Fortune magazine in the 1950s. He went on to become the art director at the magazine from 1962-74, illustrating and designing many memorable covers. In his spare time he designed covers for Modern Packaging magazine. Thanks to Monoscope, we’ve got a nifty gallery of […]

Art Director John Dixon Rocks The Village Voice Covers

Weekly magazines get a lot of love and attention for their covers, and deservedly so. Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York, The New York Times Magazine, until recently, Newsweek, and even the Huffington. app have all been producing a highly sophisticated and oftentimes cutting-edge approach to cover design. Meanwhile, a little under the radar, art director […]

Brian Stauffer Illustrations

Illustrator Brian Stauffer has been on a tear the past couple years, creating a brilliant body of work for publications as diverse as Worth, The New Yorker, the Huffington app, and countless altweeklies, as well as doing some knockout posters along the way. His cover illustrations for altweeklies from Kansas City to San Francisco have […]

The Art of Political Caricature on Magazine Covers, 1960-76

If you’re as stressed-out as we are from the current political campaign, here’s an antidote. Julie Mihaly (Boom Underground) and myself (Newmanology) have collected a big set of images of 1960s-70s politicians, and are posting them daily on our Facebook and Tumblr pages. It’s a rich collection of campaign goodies, including comic books, posters, buttons, […]