My Favorite Xmas Magazine Covers

Here’s the Newmanology collection of our Favorite Xmas Magazine Covers, featuring artwork by Shepard Fairey, Charles Burns, Bob Staake, and more. Happy holidays of all kinds to everyone in the Newmanology world! (Above): Baltimore City Paper, art director: Joe MacLeod, illustration: Shepard Fairey. Evergreen, December 1969.  Art director: Ken Deardoff, illustration: Bill Lee. Thanks Stephen […]

Time Out New York: Young, Loud and Scrappy!

One of the happiest developments in the past year has been the revitalization of Time Out New York. A new editor and art director have energized and refreshed the weekly city service guide, and the results are spectacularly apparent on the magazine’s bold, graphic covers. Directing the visual renaissance is art director Chris Deacon, who […]

Cover Review: Entertainment Weekly

My latest cover review for Folio: The October 17, 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly, featuring a graphically intense, black and white photograph of Michael Keaton in a preview of the Birdman movie, is one of the coolest and most iconic magazine covers of the past year. Photographer Art Streiber, design director Tim Leong, photography director […]

Cover Review: Time Out New York

One of the most exciting series of magazine covers at the moment has come courtesy of Time Out New York. TONY has always had energetic covers, but its latest batch, created by new-ish art director Chris Deacon, are exceptional and rank among my favorite of 2014. In a way, it reminds me of the work […]

Cover Review: Wax Poetics

So many indie magazine covers look sleepy and dull, like the tabletop art books they emulate. Fortunately, there’s Wax Poetics, whose covers are brilliant splashes of imagery, that resemble old-fashioned LPs filled with engaging brightness and poster-like impact. Case in point: the latest cover, issue #59. It features a photo by Jonathan Mannion of Aaliyah, […]

Cover Review: Organic Gardening

I’m a big fan of the August-September cover of Organic Gardening, art directed by Susan Eugster and featuring an illustration by Peter Donnelly. I’ve reviewed the cover as the latest Face Up column for Folio online. This is a very different approach for a gardening and lifestyle magazine, with the illustration taking over the entire […]

Suede: “Multi-Culti Urbanista” Style and Fashion Magazine

In it’s debut issue, Suede editor Suzanne Boyd identified the magazine’s audience as “multi-culti urbanistas.” The style and fashion magazine was a joint venture between Essence magazine and Time Inc., and published four issues in 2004-05 before it folded. The complete Suede debut issue manifesto read: “Style is in our DNA. And we, the multi-culti […]

Charm: “The Magazine for Women Who Work”

Charm magazine started in the 1940s, but it came into its own in 1950, when it relaunched as “The Magazine for Women Who Work,” and hired Cipe Pineles as art director. Pineles is a legendary designer who earlier art directed Seventeen and Glamour. Charm was the first magazine for working women, and the covers featured […]

Sexology Magazine: “Sex Science Illustrated”

Sexology magazine was published from 1933 to the late 1960s by Hugo Gernsback, who is best-known for creating the first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, in 1926. Gernsback published dozens of other magazines, including Science Wonder Stories, Amazing Detective Stories, and Science and Mechanics. The Magazine Art website has a fine collection of Sexology covers […]

Cover Review: Essence

I’ve been a big fan of Michelle Obama‘s many magazine covers, so I was happy to review her latest cover on Essence for the Folio: online Face Up column. The cover was photographed by Kwaku Alston, and art directed by Erika Perry. Michelle Obama has become a top magazine cover celebrity, arguably the top celebrity […]