Letter to Jane: The Future of Magazine Apps

I’ve been pessimistic lately about the state of iPad magazine apps. There are certainly some ably-designed apps based on existing magazines, but increasingly they feel like static replicas that are being churned out from an assembly line. A lot of this is due to various publishing strategies, rules, and budgets (or the lack of budgets). […]

New Issue of Gym Class Magazine

Gym Class Magazine, “the magazine about magazines,” is out with a new issue. Edited and designed by Steven Gregor, Gym Class is described by Magculture as “a gloriously mad 32-page psychedelic comic book format featuring commissioned illustrations and as much CMYK as the Newspaper Club can squeegee into their mini format.” Inside are power-packed interviews […]

Interview with Tim Moore, Creative Director of 29th Street Publishing

Among the most exciting developments in iPad app creation has been the rise of magazine apps that are unique, not based on pre-existing publications or their formats. 29th Street Publishing has been in the vanguard of this movement, creating magazine apps from scratch, and using a native technology that is unlike the DPS-style approach that […]