This Old House Covers of Editor-in-Chief Scott Omelianuk

This dynamic (and very cool) collection of covers spans the almost 12-year tenure of This Old House editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk, who left the magazine in early April 2016 after an ownership change. Curated by This Old House photography director Denise Sfraga, this gallery features the design and art direction talents of design directors Amy Rosenfeld, Hylah Hill, and Robert Newman (that’s me). There’s one cover published during each year of Scott’s era at This Old House. It’s a textbook look at an exciting, engaging, and inspiring series of magazine covers that reflect as a group the development and ongoing change of a powerful brand.

For all of these covers, the photography director was Denise Sfraga.

(Above) Front Door Facelift: December 2004; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

02 2005JAA Doghouse Like Your House: July/August 2005; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

03 2006AprilCreate Your Ideal Backyard: April 2006; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

04 2007AprilGet More Curb Appeal: April 2007; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

05 2008 JuneYour Old House: June 2008; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

06 2009 SeptReal World Re-Dos: September 2009; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

07 2010 July:Aug57 Low-Cost Makeover Ideas: July/August 2010; design director: Amy Rosenfeld

08 2011 AprilRooms That Make Life Easier: April 2011; design director: Hylah Hill

09 2012 AugustFree Stuff!: August 2012; design director: Hylah Hill

10 2013 JulySpecial Interactive Issue: July 2013; design director: Hylah Hill

11 2014 JulySpecial All-American Issue: July 2014; design director: Hylah Hill

12 2015 SeptThe Fall Color Issue: September 2015; creative director: Robert Newman

13 2016 Jan:FebAdd Old-House Charm: January/February 2016; creative director: Robert Newman


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