Travel & Leisure Illustrated Covers, 1970s

Norman Hotz began his art direction career in the late 1960s working for Allen Hurlburt and Will Hopkins at Look magazine. He moved to Travel & Leisure in 1970, where he worked as the deputy to Frank Zachary, and helped create the magazine’s iconic logo and design. When Zachary left after 10 issues, the then-25 year old Hotz was named Travel & Leisure‘s art director. He continued and expanded on Zachary’s work, creating a remarkable, award-winning series of illustrated covers and inside pages. After leaving T&L in 1976, Hotz went on to a distinguished career designing and art directing a series of magazines that included Panorama, Families, and Reader’s Digest.

Hotz recently posted a two-part memoir on the Society of Publication Designers site about his time at Travel & Leisure. Here’s a collection of 10 of his most remarkable covers, illustrated by a stellar roster of artists, including Paul Davis, Ronald Searle, Pierre Le-Tan, and Robert Andrew Parker.

(Above): September 1974, illustration: Paul Davis.

TL_1973_06-07June/July 1973, illustration: Ronald Searle.

TL_1973_10-11October/November 1973, illustration: Robert Andrew Parker.

TL_1974_01January 1974, illustration: Mary Faulconer.

TL_1974_02February 1974, illustration: Eugene Mihaesco.

TL_1974_07July 1974, illustration: Oscar De Mejo.

TL_1974_10October 1974, illustration: Pierre Le-Tan.

TL_1974_11November 1974, illustration: John Rombola.

TL_1975_12December 1975, illustration: Edward Koren.

TL_1975_02February 1975, illustration: David Plourde.


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