10 Early 1970s Travel & Leisure Covers Art Directed by Frank Zachary

Legendary magazine art director and editor Frank Zachary passed away June 11 at the age of 101. He was best known for his 1950s-early 60s art direction of Holiday magazine, as well as his longtime editorship, beginning in the early 1970s, of Town and Country. From 1971-73 Zachary was the art director of Travel & Leisure, creating a remarkable series of 10 illustrated covers and overseeing a redesign of the recently relaunched magazine. Here’s a collection of all 10 covers of Travel & Leisure art directed by Zachary.

The Society of Publication Designers has a remembrance of Zachary by Norman Hotz, his deputy at Travel & Leisure (and later successor).

(Above): June/July 1971. Illustration: George Giusti.

TL_1971_AUTUMNAutumn 1971. Illustration: John Rombola.

TL_1971_10-11October/November 1971. Illustration: Prefete Duffaut.

TL_1972_02-03February/March 1972. Illustration: Pierre Le-Tan.

TL_1972_04-05April/May 1972. Illustration: Samuel Maitin.

TL_1972_06-07June/July 1972. Illustration: Gervasio Gallardo.

TL_1972_10-11October/November 1972. Illustration: Robert Kipniss.

TL_1972_AUTUMNAutumn 1972. Illustration: John Glashan.

TL_1972_12-01December/January 1972. Illustration: Beni Montresor.

TL_1973_01_1972_12December/January 1973. Illustration: Ivan Generalic.