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What It Is

Newmanize is personal one-on-one design, brand, and career therapy for individuals, organizations, companies, magazines, or anyone who needs some creative help. Robert Newman will draw on his 25+ years of magazine making, staff direction, and brand development to consult with you in any of a wide variety of areas. Whether you need help with career strategy, problem-solving at a current job, developing your own social media network, reviewing and updating your portfolio and resume, advice on magazine, website, or app projects, this is an opportunity for valuable feedback and information.

Sessions range from practical, hands-on nuts-and-bolts to inspiring mini-workshops that will jump start your creativity. There are also half-day and day-long sessions for organizations, businesses, and magazines.

This is a great service whether you’re just starting out, an experienced professional who’s looking for some advice and upgrading, or somewhere right in the middle. And if you’re an organization or publication, it can be a much-needed boost of creativity to help solve a problem or analyze ongoing work.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Art direction and design
  • Career coaching and development
  • Magazine design, redesign, and content creation
  • Branding for media of all kinds
  • Social media
  • Portfolio and website review
  • Resume creation and editing
  • Apps
  • Staff and management
  • Website development

How It Works

You can sign up for a one (or multiple) hour session, or a series, as well as ongoing consultation and half-day and day-long sessions. Remote consultation for people not in the New York City area is simple and easy.

For more information, contact Robert Newman.

About Robert Newman

Robert Newman has been a creative and design director for over 25 years at a wide variety of consumer, mass market, business, trade, regional, enthusiast and alternative publications, including Real Simple, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly, New York, Vibe, and Reader’s Digest. During that time he has managed and directed hundreds of top designers, photo editors, illustrators, photographers, editors, and other visual people. Members of his staffs have gone on to be creative or design directors at Wired, The New Yorker, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Money, Businessweek, Vibe, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, People, Us, New York, Los Angeles, Brides, and many other magazines. In addition to an extensive art direction background, Robert has an active social media presence, is a regular contributor to publication websites, and has done extensive consulting on magazine app launches.

Thanks to Stella Kramer, whose wonderful blog and photo editing consulting service inspired Newmanize.

Special thanks to Ward Sutton for the portrait illustration.