Aug 28, 2015

American Illustration Profiles Interview: Gerard DuBois

Gérard DuBois is a smart, elegant artist whose painted illustrations have appeared in countless magazines both in the US and around the world, including a weekly column in the Sunday New York Times. Dubois has illustrated close to 20 books for children and adults, and is a favorite among art directors for his ability to tackle complex issues with simple power and grace. The Montreal-based illustrator (and former graphic designer) also recently created a set of posters for the National Theatre in Lyon, and as as-yet-to-debut series of postage stamps. DuBois works in a variety of styles, including a striking collection of collages, and his work is consistently a remarkable blend of beauty, passion, and intelligence.

Gérard DuBois is the subject of my latest American Illustration Profiles interview. See the complete interview here.