Aug 8, 2015

American Illustration Profiles Interview: Kyle T. Webster

Kyle T. Webster is a graphic force of nature, with a delightful and intelligent visual presence across a wide variety of mediums and platforms.  “I try to get my paws into everything,” says Webster, and he’s been doing his best to make sure that happens. Webster is a frequent editorial illustrator for The New York Times and many other magazines and newspapers, a teacher, lecturer, graphic designer/art director, and mobile app creator. He’s also developed a popular line of custom Photoshop brushes (over 125,000 sold to date!) that are used by many top illustrators in the business.

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Webster began his career working as a graphic designer. He started freelance illustrating in 2003 and has been “full-time” since 2006. Much of his editorial illustration work is done in a classic comic book/graphic novel style (it’s no surprise that he cites Tintin as a big influence), and he’s often called on to create situational pieces—scenes from movies, reported stories, etc. Webster is a superb visual storyteller and a brilliant technician, with a seemingly unending variety of styles that swing from hard-hitting to sweet and childlike. He hasn’t created any books of his own yet, but that’s going to change in Spring 2016, when his first picture book will be published by Scholastic.

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