Feb 27, 2015

American Illustration Profiles: John Hendrix

My latest illustrator interview for the American Illustration Profiles series is with John Hendrix. John is a remarkable illustrator who fuses his experience as an art director with a brilliant storyteller’s talents and a fluid, detailed drawing style. John’s illustrations, maps, and typography have been seen in the pages and on the covers of countless magazines and publications, including Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, and Mother Jones, and he has a rich collection of children’s books that he has both written and illustrated.

Many of his book cover illustrations include hand-crafted headlines, including the striking cover of The Sittin’ Up, which is featured in the American Illustration 33 book annual. John explains that “Illustrators should consider themselves both image-makers and designers, something I like to call ‘Design-istrators.'”

You can read the entire interview here.

American Illustration Profiles illustrator interviews appear every Thursday, both in an emailed newsletter and on their website. There’s also a companion photographer series, which posts every Tuesday, written and edited by David Schonauer.