Jun 6, 2015

American Illustration Profiles: Yuko Shimizu

My latest American Illustration Profiles interview is with Yuko Shimizu, the artist and editorial illustrator.

Yuko Shimizu is a powerful artist who creates rich, sensual illustrations. She has made a huge splash in the illustration world over the past 13 years, with stylish ink drawings that have appeared in countless magazines, product design and advertisements, book covers, posters, and much more. Yuko’s style ranges from bold and graphic to detailed and ornate; her illustrations have highlighted a range of serious issues including sex, race, and cultural identity, but also can be light, whimsical, and childlike. A superb craftsperson and imaginative, engaging visual storyteller, she illustrated a children’s book, Barbed Wire Baseball, written by Marissa Moss, and did over 70 covers for the DC Comics Vertigo series The Unwritten. Yuko is also a passionate ambassador for illustration and visual creativity. She teaches at SVA, is active in the Society of Illustrators, and regularly promotes the work of other artists and illustrators.

Read the full American Illustration Profiles interview with Yuko Shimizu here.