Aug 13, 2014

Anorak: The Happy Activity Book for Kids!

The best two-dimensional fun for kids we’ve seen in quite some time is the third volume of Anorak‘s Happy Activity Book for Kids. Created by Cathy Olmedillas and Lewis Smith, this is a light version of the popular (in my household) UK-based Anorak magazine. It’s smaller in size (roughly 7 x 8 inches) and pages (32 plus covers), but it still packs a major wallop in terms of excitement and engagement. My 10-year-old daughter Ivy had a blast coloring, drawing, puzzling, maze-solving, and generally filling the pages with her own delightful comments and illustrations. This is a book that is meant to be heavily used! Printed on old school heavy matte stock in bright purple (which just happens to be my daughter’s favorite color!), the Anorak activity book is jammed with joyful artwork from a wide range of talented artists.

Visit the Anorak website for much more fun and information. Their shop is loaded with heavenly illustrated copies of Anorak magazine as well as their series of activity books (this latest book was released in April, but is still available on the site, as well as via some sellers on Amazon). The Happy Activity book seems best for kids ages 6-10.

(Above): Illustration by Tim Lahan

anorak cachete jackIllustration by Cachete Jack

anorak happyactivity.

antonio ladrillo and billy&alexIllustrations by Antonio Ladrillo (left) and Billy and Alex

gregkletselIllustration by Greg Kletsel

manu grinon montesIllustration by Manuel Grinon

tanewilliams & maxinefrancoutIllustrations by Tane Williams (left) and Maxime Francout

More info:

Anorak Children’s Magazine