Black History Magazine: Opportunity

Opportunity, A Journal of Negro Life, was published by the National Urban League from 1923-49. The first editor was Charles Johnson. In addition to essays on social and political issues, Opportunity had a strong emphasis on photography, art, and poetry. Early covers included artwork by Aaron Douglas, Winold Reiss, Gwendolyn Bennett, and Richard Bruce Nugent, and writers included many figures from the Harlem Renaissance, including Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and Zora Neale Hurston.

You can see the complete February 1926 issue of Opportunity, with cover art by Aaron Douglas, here.

(Above): December 1925, illustration by Aaron Douglas.

02 Aaron Douglas 1926February 1926, illustration by Aaron Douglas.

03 Nugent 1926March 1926, illustration by Richard Bruce Nugent.

04 NameTK 1925January 1925, illustration by Winold Reiss.

05 1926July 1926, illustration by Gwendolyn B. Bennett.

06 Douglas 1927May 1927, illustration by Aaron Douglas.

08 Gwendolyn B. Bennett? 1926January 1926, illustration by Gwendolyn B. Bennett.

09 Douglas 1926June 1926, illustration by Aaron Douglas.

10 Elmer S. Campbell 1929July 1929, illustration by Elmer S. Campbell.

07 Fredi Washington1933April 1933, photograph of actress Fredi Washington.


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