Jan 9, 2013

Brian Stauffer Illustrations

Illustrator Brian Stauffer has been on a tear the past couple years, creating a brilliant body of work for publications as diverse as Worth, The New Yorker, the Huffington app, and countless altweeklies, as well as doing some knockout posters along the way. His cover illustrations for altweeklies from Kansas City to San Francisco have been powerful, pointed, and provocative, while at the same time he has created delicate and elegant covers for Worth. And like a great blues guitarist, Brian keeps getting better and better, adding new shadings and nuances to his work, as with this classic, painterly swan poster illustration for the University of Baltimore. See a dozen wonderful Brian Stauffer illustrations here, and you can see many more at his website.

(Above): Poster for University of Baltimore, February 2012, art director: Gabrielle Boam