Jul 28, 2014

Charm: “The Magazine for Women Who Work”

Charm magazine started in the 1940s, but it came into its own in 1950, when it relaunched as “The Magazine for Women Who Work,” and hired Cipe Pineles as art director. Pineles is a legendary designer who earlier art directed Seventeen and Glamour. Charm was the first magazine for working women, and the covers featured a sharp, stylish take on the working woman’s lifestyle. Charm is woefully underarchived, although Conde Nast has some nice examples in its print collection, featuring covers from 1944-59.

Pineles moved on to other magazines and projects in the late 1950s. Here are 14 Charm covers from 1950-55 that feature her brilliant art direction.

(Above): Charm, April 1952

02 Jan 54

Charm, January 1954.

03 May 55

Charm, May 1955.

04 Nove 53

Charm, November 1953.

05 July 51 brindled glory

Charm, July 1951. Source: Brindled Glory

06 Aug 55 evelyn tripp

Charm, August 1955. Source: Evelyn Tripp

07 April 53

Charm, April 1953

08 Feb 53

Charm, February 1953

09 Feb 51 Nifty Fifties

Charm, February 1951. Source: Nifty Fifties

10 June 53 Jewelry of the 1950s

Charm, June 1953. Source: Jewelry of the 1950s

11 Dec 54forties-fifties-sixtieslove

Charm, December 1954. Source: 40s 50s 60s

12 May 54

Charm, May 1954

13 June-1951 digital arts

Charm, June 1951. Source: Digital Arts

14 Nov 51 onard lulu

Charm, November 1951. Source: Onward Lulu



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