Sep 12, 2014

Cover Review: Time Out New York

One of the most exciting series of magazine covers at the moment has come courtesy of Time Out New York. TONY has always had energetic covers, but its latest batch, created by new-ish art director Chris Deacon, are exceptional and rank among my favorite of 2014. In a way, it reminds me of the work that Richard Turley did at Bloomberg Businessweek over the past few years. Not so much in style, although there is a similar brashness and immediacy to the work, but more so that these covers reflect a true love and passion for graphic design and magazine making. Deacon and his editors are engaging in a very rare (these days) and exciting visual conversation with their readers that is smart and highly contemporary.

I reviewed this latest Time Out New York cover for the Folio Face Up column. With the exception of TONY’s iconic logo, which really needs some updating and fixing, I love everything about this cover. It’s bold and fresh, with simple, bright, poster-like visuals.

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