For the Love of…New York Magazine

The Society of Publication Designers has organized a visual history tribute to New York magazine, called For the Love of…New York Magazine, which will take place on April 6 at the SVA Theater in New York City (it’s already sold out!). Onstage for the evening will be 10 former and current design directors and photo directors, all moderated by current editor in chief Adam Moss. I’m honored to be one of the people appearing at the event (along with Milton Glaser, Walter Bernard, Robert Best, David Matt, Luke Hayman, Chris Dixon, Roger Black, Jody Quon, and Tom Alberty).

I was the design director for a short time at New York, from early 1996 to the summer of 1997. I was fortunate to work with an amazing group of designers and photo editors, including Florian Bachleda, Jennifer Gilman, Andrea Dunham, Margery Goldberg, Ellene Wundrok, Anton Ioukhnovets, Pino Impastato, Robert Perino, Vita Perrino, Yvonne Stender, Nakyung Han, Sabine Meyer, Deanna Lowe, Syndi Becker, Jennifer Procopio and many more.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite covers that we created during this period. More on the SPD New York magazine event here.

(Above: December 23, 1996. Photograph by Kristine Larsen)

Cover Best1April 15, 1996

ny_foods_summer_rt_final_001May 27, 1996

Cover AIDSApril 8, 1996

New York cover4April 14, 1997

Cover InteriorOctober 14, 1996

Cover DoleAugust, 1996

Cover Fun2June 23, 1997