May 18, 2014

Friends of Bob Newman Online Benefit Art Auction

The Friends of Bob Newman have organized an online art auction to benefit me and my family. The auction will raise funds to help defray medical bills and living expenses after my serious accident last year. Organized by Danny Hellman, Jill Armus, Jesse Marinoff Reyes, Florian Bachleda, and Anelle Miller, the auction features artwork from over 60 top photographers and illustrators. The auction kicks off May 14 and will run until June 11. There will also be a benefit party/gathering on May 29 at the Society of Illustrators in New York City.

The Friends of Bob Newman have a Tumblr page featuring all the artwork to be auctioned. The kind folks at Illustration Age have also posted all the important information in one place. This is truly an amazing collection of artwork! If you’re a fan of great illustration and photography you’re going to find a lot to like in this collection.

Stay tuned for updates and information on the auction, and more details about the party on May 29 (and everyone is invited). My family and I are grateful to everyone who is helping to organize these events, as well as to all the super artists and photographers who have contributed artwork to the auction.

This collection of samples is just a small part of the over 120 illustrations and photographs that are available from the Friends of Bob Newman benefit auction. Please visit the auction site and consider making a bid on some of this wonderful art.

Auction art2

. . .

Auction art3

. . .

Auction art4

The Friends of Bob Newman Benefit Art Auction