Avant Garde All 14 complete issues, designed by Herb Lubalin, 1968-71

Black History Viewed Through Magazines Huge collection of African-American magazines, covers and insides, late 1940s-early 60s

Circulation Zero Beautifully archived collection of complete issue scans of vintage punk magazines Slash (LA), Damage (SF) and more

Coverjunkie Thousands of magazine and altweekly covers from around the world, brilliantly curated by art director Jaap Biemans

The Crisis The first 12 years (1910-22) of the official NAACP magazine, complete issue scans

Dallas Observer Over 200 altweekly covers art directed by Alexander Flores

Evergreen Review Complete collection of covers of the ultimate 1950s-early 70s hipster magazine

Fast Company Complete cover archive, 1995-present

Fortune Covers from 1930s-50s, plus graphics, illustrations, & more

Mad Magazine Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site, complete collection, with credits, of every cover

Modesquisse  “Curated gallery of fashion illustrations on magazine and book covers.” Lots of early to mid-century fashion mags.

Mojo Brilliant U.K. music magazine with an emphasis on 60s-70s rock. Complete cover archive 1993-now.

NASCAPAS The best new magazine covers from around the world, updated daily

National Lampoon Complete cover archive, plus special issues, 1970-98

Newseum A collection of almost 1,000 newspaper front pages, updated daily

The New York Times Magazine Cover and issue archive, 2013-2018. Pure brilliance.

Outweek Complete collection of full issue scans of influential NYC late 1980s-early 1990s gay newsweekly

Oz Legendary 1960s London underground magazine, a complete cover archive. And complete issues.

The Press Room 1000s of vintage program covers from pro football, basketball, hockey & more

Pulp Covers Over 1000 vintage pulp magazine, comic book and paperback book covers, lovingly displayed

Radical America Former SDS magazine turned left-wing institution. Complete issue scans, 1967-87

16 Stone Vintage African-American magazine covers from the 1940s-50s, including Tan, Hue, Sepia, plus photos and more

Smash Hits 1980s UK new wave and Brit Pop magazine. Complete issue scans; great graphics

Stag Mags Men’s magazine covers, 1950s-60s

Time Complete cover archive, 1923-present, searchable by date and subject (and including Asia and Europe editions)

Vintage College Football Programs Hundreds of old-school illustrated football programs from the past 100 years, with an emphasis on the 1920s-50s.

British Vogue UK Cover archive stretching back to 1916. It has a lot of holes, but from the 1980s on it’s fairly complete, and there are lots of goodies from the 40s-70s