Jun 6, 2015

Now Hear This! CD Series Illustrated by Yuko Shimizu

Here’s a collection of 12 favorite CD covers from the Now Hear This! series, which originally appeared as an insert in UK music magazine The Word. All illustrations are by Yuko Shimizu, who did 33 covers from 2007-2010. They are energetic graphic explosions of forms, colors, and lines. Each cover was a different take on a scantily-clad woman doing something sensual with musical instruments and gear. The result was a fun, sexy and perfectly crafted collection of imagery that is truly one of the top illustration series of the past decade.

Yuko is the subject of my latest American Illustration Profiles interview.


now_hear_stripe_photonow_hear_oct07_covernow_hear_sep08now_hear_may09_coverScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.18.21 AMR-1370690-1213712629.jpegR-1159731-1197037640.jpegR-1216290-1201372525.jpegR-1419083-1263055856.jpegYuko-Shimizu_illustrations_yellowtrace_07