Oct 8, 2012

The New Republic Cover Retrospective, 2001-12

For the past 11 years, Joseph Heroun and Christine Car have been art directing and designing The New Republic. Working remotely from New York City and Boston (TNR has been based in Washington, DC), they redesigned the magazine twice, produced it on a weekly, and since 2007, a bi-weekly schedule, and created a series of powerful, provocative, and distinctive covers, featuring a remarkable line-up of illustrators.

The New Republic recently went through a change of ownership and a move to New York City, and with that they’ve hired Dirk Barnett as their first full-time, on-site art director. Heroun and Car will be working on The New Republic through the end of the year, while Dirk Barnett cooks up some coolness of his own behind the scenes. It seems like a good time to look back at the amazing body of work created over the past decade by Heroun and Car.

(Above): The New Republic, December 30, 2010. Illustration: Sean McCabe

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