The Village Voice’s Rock & Roll Quarterly

Rock & Roll Quarterly was a music supplement published by The Village Voice for six years in the late 80s and early 90s. The format was designed by Voice design director Michael Grossman, and issues were art directed by Robert Newman and Florian Bachleda. It featured outstanding illustrations and comix by folks like Gary Panter, Kaz, Kyle Baker, Mark Zingarelli, Daniel Clowes, and many more, plus regular photography contributions from James Hamilton, Kristine Larsen, and Chris Buck. There was also The Cool 20, a regular list of cultural faves compiled by J.D. King and illustrated by David Coulson.

Here’s a gallery of covers, cartoons, and inside pages. [Apologies for the challenged scans in this gallery…we’re working on getting better—and more expanded—images out of the Newmanology Archives.]

(Above): Little Willie John, photograph by Driggs/Michael Ochs Archives.

Teddy Riley, photograph by Kristine Larsen.

Roseanne Cash, photograph by Kristine Larsen.

Morrissey, photograph by Trevor Leighton.


Design and art by Jesse Marinoff Reyes.

Pet Shop Boys, photograph by James Hamilton.

Jimmy Scott, photograph by Andrew Garn.

Illustration by Gary Panter.

Chuck D of Public Enemy, photograph by Chris Buck.

Queen Latifah, photograph by Kristine Larsen.

Super Sonic Psycho Scream, by Peter Bagge.

I Got You (I Feel Good), by Mary Fleener.

Ooh Baby…, comix jam by Charles Burns and Art Spiegelman.

The Cool 20, compiled by J.D. King, illustration by David Coulson. See the full collection of Top 20 lists here.