Jan 5, 2017

Time Out London Covers Art Directed by Mark Neil

Mark Neil is a master of limited-budget weekly magazine design. Over the past few years he has art directed UK-based publications NME and The Big Issue, and now Time Out London, all of them brash, youth-oriented and graphic, with lots of attitude and not too many resources. Neil’s covers have been a constant graphic delight, filled with surprises, energy and a powerful visual voice.

Neil hired on as the art director of Time Out London in March 2015, and led the magazine’s recent redesign, working with  brand creative director Anthony Huggins and editor-in-chief Caroline McGinn. Neil also collaborated with Time Out New York’s Carla Sosenko (editor-in-chief) and Tom Hislop (creative director), so that redesigns for both titles were launched in March 2016 (with other Time Out global editions following later in the year).

Here are 10 favorite Time Out London covers created since the redesign, all art directed by Mark Neil. Many of them feature the work of Time Out London in-house photographer Andy Parsons and illustrator Justin Metz.

(Above): September 20-26, 2016. Artwork and design by Tom Havell, words: Chris Waywell.


July 5-11, 2016. Words: Alexi Duggins, letter design: Tom Havell, photography: Andy Parsons.

tol_art_issue_shrigleyOctober 4-10, 2016. Design: David Shrigley.

tol_open_24_hoursMarch 22-28, 2016. Photography: Rob Greig, artwork: Justin Metz.

tol_summer_florenceJune 7-13, 2016. Illustration: Greg Coulton.

tol_cool_drinksJune 28-July 4, 2016. Photography: Andy Parsons, artwork: Justin Metz.

tol_secrets_of_the_tubeMay 17-23, 2016. Artwork: Mark Neil.

tol_all_night_longAugust 16-22, 2016. Artwork: Russell Kirby, BOOM.

tol_londons_dark_sideOctober 25-31, 2016. Artwork: Justin Metz.

tol_street_foodMay 24-30, 2016. Photography: Andy Parsons, artwork: Justin Metz.