“True Style Never Dies!” Brilliant Collection of Vintage African American Magazines

16 Stone Vintage, whose motto is “True Style Never Dies,” is a vintage style website and shop created by Sonya Denise Freeman. The site is packed with classic photos, fashion advertisements, magazine covers, pinups, clothing, and much more. Of course here at Newmanology, we’re most interested in Freeman’s massive collection of vintage African American magazine covers. Everything on the site is inspiring, but magazine junkies will especially like the 16 Stone Vintage magazine galleries, including covers from Jet, Sepia, Say, Hue, Hep, Jive, Bronze Thrills, Copper Romance, and the breathtaking Color and Our World. We also enjoy the Jet Beauties of the Week swimsuit collections, for purely historical and graphic reasons, of course!

16 Stone Vintage is essential viewing for us! Here’s a set of 15 of our favorite covers from the site, most dating from the 1950s.

(Above): Brown, May 1954

Hep2 16 Stone

Hep, April 1967

Say 16 Stone

Say, October 28, 1954

Tan Confessions 16 Stone

Tan Confessions, November 1950

Color 16 Stone

Color, April 1953


Sepia, May 1959


Hue, May 19, 1954

02 Duke July57 copy

Duke, July 1957


Copper Romance, December 1953

Tan 16 Stone

Tan, January 1955


New Review, 1950s


Our World, February 1950

Our Life 16 Stone

Our Life, 1950s


Jive, March 1965


Bronze Thrills, October 1952