Feb 3, 2013

Video! Case Study: Launching the Reader’s Digest App

In late 2010 and early 2011, Reader’s Digest created and launched their first magazine iPad app. I was hired as creative director for the launch. Working with the Reader’s Digest art team and with support from Adobe, we designed and launched the app in a period of five weeks. It was the first time anyone on the project had worked with the Adobe DPS tools that were used to create the app, and it was a fast and energetic learning experience.

Six months after the launch, I was asked to speak at an Adobe conference about our experience, both in creating the app and working with DPS.

You can see the video here.

App usage and technology has developed quickly since that presentation, and there are parts of it that seen today seem a bit dated. Still, there’s great learning here for anyone who is launching or creating a new app. It’s a great case study on how a small team can make a digital version of a print magazine that is rich and engaging and filled with texture and multimedia experience.