Jan 10, 2013

Art Director John Dixon Rocks The Village Voice Covers

Weekly magazines get a lot of love and attention for their covers, and deservedly so. Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York, The New York Times Magazine, until recently, Newsweek, and even the Huffington. app have all been producing a highly sophisticated and oftentimes cutting-edge approach to cover design. Meanwhile, a little under the radar, art director John Dixon has been doing some serious cover rocking over at The Village Voice, creating a graphic, engaging, oftentimes provocative series of weekly covers featuring a powerful array of visual artists. Dixon is using an invigorating mix of photo illustration, photography, and illustration of all kinds, featuring established names like Ward Sutton and Steve Brodner, as well as a stack of vibrant young talent. These days it’s rare to see publication design, especially covers, that feels so creatively gonzo, and Dixon manages to pull it off every week with an extremely limited staff and budget. Take a look at this collection of a dozen of our favorite Voice covers from the past couple years.

(Above) The Village Voice, January 9, 2013. Illustration: Edel Rodriguez.