10 Illustrated Nautilus Magazine Covers

Len Small is the art director at Nautilus, the smart and modern digital and print science magazine. In a little less than three years on the job, Small’s illustration art direction has turned Nautilus into a striking showcase of brilliant visual imagery. His deft direction and wide-ranging tastes have drawn much praise from the illustration community. Working in a format initially conceived by Point Five Design, Small uses his considerable graphic design and visual storytelling skills to present artwork that is bold, elegant, and perfectly in sync with the editorial content of the magazine.“We try to create illustrations that will stand up on their own,” says Small, “and have meaning and story outside of the article to which they were assigned.” Small is quick to give credit to his art team, which includes Francesco Izzo and Nick Garber.

Here is the complete run of all 10 Nautilus illustrated covers, all art directed by Len Small.

See my interview with Len Small via the American Illustration Profiles series here.

(Above): September/October 2015, illustration by Brian Stauffer

01.HolleyFall 2013, illustration by Jason Holley

04.WeinsteinSummer 2014, illustration by Ellen Weinstein

03.ShoutSpring 2014, illustration by Shout

05.BuzelliFall 2014, illustration by Chris Buzelli

02.NgaiWinter 2014, illustration by Victo Ngai

06.SteadmanWinter 2015, illustration by Ralph Steadman

07.ShimizuMarch/April 2015, illustration by Yuko Shimizu

08.HendrixMay/June 2015, illustration by John Hendrix

09.DuBoisJuly/August 2015, illustration by Gerard DuBois