20 Classic Vintage Magazine Covers, 1917-1975

Here’s a very random, but very cool collection of 20 vintage magazine covers, dating from 1917 to 1975. All these covers come courtesy of the John Witek Graphics Repository. This is just a small portion of John’s extensive vintage magazine collection. We hope to share covers from his collection very soon.

(Pictured above): New Pioneer, May 1937.

Whisper1Whisper, November 1954.

Shipmate1Shipmate, October 1942.

BreezeThe Carribean Breeze, November-December 1945, illustration: Bert Alper.

PennywisePennywise, 1975.

County Fair1Westchester County Fair, April 1929.

Police Dragnet1Police Dragnet Cases, January 1955, art director: Eric Jonathan.

Real America2Real America, May 1933, illustrator: Henry Forsgren.

Soupy Sales1Soupy Sales, Fall 1965, art director: Ben Solomon.

GentryGentry, Fall 1952.

Physical Culture1Bernarr McFadden’s Vitalized Physical Culture, December 1951.

ScienceInvention2Science and Invention, December 1931.

American Artist1American Artist, April 1954, graphics editor: Edwin B. Kolsby.

GraphicStoryGraphic Story Magazine, Winter 1974, illustration: Basil Wolverton.

InspirationInspiration, October 1949.

SmartSetSmart Set, December 1927, illustration: Henry Clive.

Science1Science and Mechanics, April 1936, illustrator: Frank R. Paul.

Real America1Real America, June 1933, illustrator: Henry Forsgren.

Bim Bam Boom1Bim Bam Boom, 1974, art director: Nick Schillizi.

MothersMagazineThe Mother’s Magazine, August 1917.

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