Art Spiegelman’s 10 Best Illustrated Covers of The New Yorker

Illustrator/graphic novelist/cartoonist/etc. Art Spiegelman has a retrospective show opening at The Jewish Museum in NYC on November 8, 2013. Art Spiegelman’s CO-MIX: A Retrospective, will feature images from Maus, RAW, underground comics, and of course, some of his memorable covers for The New Yorker. We’ve put together our 10 favorite Spiegelman New Yorker covers from […]

My Favo(u)rite Magazine: Ramparts, January 1970

This is my entry to the My Favo(u)rite Magazine project, created by Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky as a benefit for myself and my family. After collecting 87 entries from a stellar collection of magazine makers, Jeremy and Andrew asked me to send along my favorite magazine. I responded with the following, which they smartly […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from Good Housekeeping Magazine

A beautifully-designed Valentine’s Day cover used to be an annual event for many magazines. Today, with the exception of an occasional women’s service mag (and sometimes The New Yorker), Valentine’s Day has almost disappeared from the newsstands. It warms my heart to see a vintage magazine cover extolling sweet love and romance, and this Good […]

The New Look of the Saturday Evening Post

The debut of the redesign of The Saturday Evening Post is one of the (at least to my eyes) most remarkable visual turnarounds of a consumer magazine in recent memory. The magazine has been relaunched with much media fanfare to reach a newer, younger audience, and the graphic transformation of the cover is eye-popping. Creative […]

Anorak Children’s Magazine

Anorak is a UK-based kids magazine for ages 6-12 that just debuted in the U.S. and North America with their new “Animals” themed issue. Edited and art directed by Cathy Olmedillas, Anorak launched in 2006, and is taglined, “The happy mag for kids.” Anorak is filled with beautiful, charming illustrations, stories, puzzles, games, and activity […]

Behind Mother Jones’s Recent Dual Cover Strategy

For their November/December 2012 issue, the editors and creative director at Mother Jones decided to do a split run cover, with a completely different cover story and image for subscribers and newsstand buyers. Subscribers get “No Way Out,” a long-form investigative piece on solitary confinement in California state prisons written by Shane Bauer, who himself […]

The New Republic Cover Retrospective, 2001-12

For the past 11 years, Joseph Heroun and Christine Car have been art directing and designing The New Republic. Working remotely from New York City and Boston (TNR has been based in Washington, DC), they redesigned the magazine twice, produced it on a weekly, and since 2007, a bi-weekly schedule, and created a series of […]

Sep 26, 2012
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A Look at the Design and Influences on Fairchild’s New M Cover

[Originally published September 26, 2012 on the Folio: website] The first issue of M magazine, the luxury men’s magazine last seen in 1992 and being revived by Fairchild Fashion Media, came out on Monday with a very distinctive and unusual cover. It’s not the cover subject, Bradley Cooper (People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2011), […]

George Lois Featured in Fast Company App

Fast Company’s annual design issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first cover that legendary art director George Lois created for Esquire magazine. This photograph, by noted photographer Platon, is available only in the iPad app version of Fast Company’s October 2012 issue. On the October 1962 cover of Esquire (which Lois is holding), he […]