Thanks to Everyone Who Has Supported My Favo(u)rite Magazine

Thanks to everyone who has been helping to promote the My Favo(u)rite Magazine benefit project. If you haven’t seen this amazing collection of magazine covers, created by Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky, look at this small excerpt via the Society of Publication Designers. Here is a small list of folks and websites who have given the project some […]

My Favo(u)rite Magazine: A Benefit for Robert Newman

My Favo(u)rite Magazine is a project created by Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky to benefit me and my family in the wake of the serious accident I suffered earlier this year. It’s a wonderful collection of commentary from 88 publication designers, editors, and other visual stars, listing (and showing) their favorite magazine. This great gathering […]

Jan 15, 2013 By Mario Garcia
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Three-Minute Interview: Robert Newman on Magazine Design

[Originally published September 22, 2008] In our Three-Minute Interview today, Bob Newman discusses the overall state of magazine design in the United States, while offering us a glimpse of his favorite typographic fonts.  Best magazine design overall: Wired. Mario: Bob, you are one of the most accomplished magazine designers I know: how do you see the […]

Dec 22, 2012 By Greg Lindsay
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Design Spotlight: Robert Newman

Fortune‘s design director talks about sublimating his ego, hop-scotching the print landscape, and the interchangability of art directors and editors. [Originally published February 3, 2005] There is no such thing as a “Robert Newman Look.” Unlike other designers—or, to be more specific, unlike Roger Black—Newman hasn’t carried with him any stylistic flourishes or quirks (like […]

Dec 21, 2012 By David Walker
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Real Simple: Creative Team of the Year

The team behind Real Simple fashions a seamless merger of form and function [Originally published March 1, 2004] Editors at Real Simple magazine found themselves in a jam one afternoon as their November issue was about to go to press. A feature story had fallen apart, leaving a gaping hole. So they turned to style […]

Dec 15, 2012 By Ron Reason
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The Design of Real Simple: An Interview with Robert Newman

[Originally published October, 2002] Ron Reason: Real Simple’s covers obviously kick off the magazine with an uncluttered, spare look, well-suited to its content and mission. Can you say a bit about how the magazine’s design reflects this mission and the audience? Robert Newman: Real Simple is a women’s magazine serving a very unique audience. Readers […]

The Accidental Art Director

[Originally published in Print magazine, May 1, 1998] You get into the elevator and press PENTHOUSE, and the elevator takes you to a place where everything is cool. You are—imagine—a budding art director just out of your teens who has won the next best thing to a date with Jewel: an internship at Details, the […]

Sep 1, 2012 By Robert Newman and Jeremy Leslie
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A Conversation Between Jeremy Leslie and Robert Newman for Gym Class Magazine

Jeremy Leslie is the editor/publisher of magCulture, the magazine news, design, and opinion website. This interview/discussion originally ran in Gym Class Magazine #8, in 2011 Jeremy Leslie: It is a strange time for magazines publishing, with plenty of anxiety about the future. How do you see things progressing? Robert Newman: Well, I’m much more optimistic […]