Cover Review: The Newsweek Relaunch Issue

My new cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column is up now. It’s a look at the cover of the relaunched Newsweek magazine, designed by Priest + Grace and illustrated by Ben Wiseman. Former Time art director Arthur Hochstein adds a few smart thoughts to the mix as well. Overall, it’s a very […]

Happy 70th Birthday Angela Davis!

Longtime political activist, writer, speaker, teacher, and cultural icon Angela Davis celebrated her 70th birthday on January 26. Angela’s bold, outspoken politics combined with her striking image (and that classic afro!) inspired many memorable posters, graphics, and magazine covers. Here are 10 of our favorites. For more information on the visual image of Angela Davis, […]

The Art of Political Caricature on Magazine Covers, 1960-76

If you’re as stressed-out as we are from the current political campaign, here’s an antidote. Julie Mihaly (Boom Underground) and myself (Newmanology) have collected a big set of images of 1960s-70s politicians, and are posting them daily on our Facebook and Tumblr pages. It’s a rich collection of campaign goodies, including comic books, posters, buttons, […]