Cover Review: The Newsweek Relaunch Issue

My new cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column is up now. It’s a look at the cover of the relaunched Newsweek magazine, designed by Priest + Grace and illustrated by Ben Wiseman. Former Time art director Arthur Hochstein adds a few smart thoughts to the mix as well. Overall, it’s a very […]

Folio Online Face Up Column: Mad Magazine

My latest cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column is out now. It’s a look at the new cover of Mad magazine, a parody of The Lego Movie by illustrator Mark Frederickson and art director Sam Viviano. I like the cover a lot, but ask the question, “If a parent likes a Mad […]

Nov 21, 2013 By Jeremy Leslie
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At Work With: Bob Newman, Newmanology

[Originally published by Magculture on November 18, 2013] Bob Newman is one of the key figures of contemporary US editorial design. Not only a prolific creative director  – Details, Fortune, Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly and New York are just a few of the magazines on his resumé – his generosity of spirit has been a […]

Feb 21, 2013 By Omar Mouallem
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Responding to Changing Technology: A Conversation with Robert Newman

[Originally published January 29, 2013] For the cover of Fortune’s 75th anniversary issue in 2005, design director Robert Newman and his team shot the Time-Life building in New York with selected office lights on to form the number 75. Of his many covers – those with such mastheads as Reader’s Digest and Real Simple – […]

Feb 14, 2013
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Robert Newman: Pinning in the Right Direction

[Originally published July 30, 2012] When we first saw Robert Newman’s boards, his colorful pins drew us in immediately and we knew an interview with the Creative Director of Reader’s Digest just couldn’t be passed up. As we spent more time exploring his interests and getting a visual education on magazine covers, graphic design from […]

Feb 4, 2013 By Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield
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The Strategic Career: How an Art Director Keeps Ahead of the Curve

[Originally published September 4, 2012]  Many in the illustration and graphic design community know Robert Newman through his ubiquitous online social media persona Newmanology. If you’re a fan or follower of his, you’ll see the rapid-fire, eclectic mix of images he posts—his own work, the work of others, iconic images and designs from the past […]

Video! Case Study: Launching the Reader’s Digest App

In late 2010 and early 2011, Reader’s Digest created and launched their first magazine iPad app. I was hired as creative director for the launch. Working with the Reader’s Digest art team and with support from Adobe, we designed and launched the app in a period of five weeks. It was the first time anyone […]

Feb 2, 2013
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Robert Newman tapped for Alberta conference keynote

[Originally published January 17, 2013] He’s been art director at some of the industry’s most successful and innovative magazines: Fortune, Reader’s Digest, Real Simple, Details, New York, Inside, Vibe and Entertainment Weekly. His design method has been described as a “mind-meld with the editorial vision” (, 2005). Before becoming an art director he worked as […]

Feb 1, 2013 By Mario Garcia
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Adweek’s New Tablet App: Start of the Third Generation Apps?

[Originally published November 10, 2012] Adweek, that well-known and for many in the advertising business indispensable tool, now has a tablet app as well. It is one that has arrived two and a half years after the iPad made its grand entrance, allowing its creators the benefits of studying and analyzing what works, users’ habits […]

Jan 31, 2013
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The 2012 Folio 40: Robert Newman, Creative Director, Reader’s Digest

[By Folio: Staff, originally published April 4, 2012] Honoring the Individuals Creating a New Chapter for the Publishing Industry. Welcome to the 2012 FOLIO: 40, our annual list of the industry’s most innovative and distinguished professionals. As always, the list represents every facet of magazine publishing, from every corner of the industry. Not reserved exclusively […]