Jan 30, 2013 By Kim Caviness
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Jan 29, 2013 By Mario Garcia
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Bob Newman: “We are through with that ‘death of print’ moment”

[Originally published July 7, 2011] TAKEAWAY: He is one of the most prolific, talented and—I must add—nicest people in our business. Meet Bob Newman, who after a glorious career as design director to the most celebrated magazine titles, has now become Creative Director for Reader’s Digest. With Newman we have the inspirational example of a […]

Jan 28, 2013
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Video! Reader’s Digest: Multi-platform Publishing on Tablet Devices

See how Reader’s Digest, the world’s largest paid circulation magazine, is reinventing its brand for the digital era and engaging readers on a variety of devices, including iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook. This is a video made by Adobe about the creation of the Reader’s Digest tablet apps. It features members of the Reader’s Digest app […]

Video! iPad Apps Come to Life!

Reader’s Digest has a fun animation in their December 2011/January 2012 iPad app issue, called “When iPad Apps Come Alive!” It’s an action-packed look at what happens to an iPad desktop when the apps take over. The animation was created by Alan Becker, and art directed by Marti Golon and RD creative director Robert Newman. […]

Jan 21, 2013 By Biz Carson
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10 Things to Do to Make Newspapers Look Great All the Time

[Originally published September 25, 2010] Everyone wants to have a really, really ridiculously good-looking newspaper every day. To get there, magazine design guru Robert Newman recommends to throw away the Wired and ESPN magazines on your desks, and replace them with Real Simple, New York magazine and the New York Post and design your paper […]

Jan 21, 2013 By Matt Kinsman
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Six Things B-to-B Editors, Designers Can Learn from Consumer Magazines

[Originally published June 17, 2010] Business-to-business publishers seem to be going one of two ways when it comes to their remaining print magazines; either slashing budgets and staff to the bare bones as they scramble to develop replacement products or investing in the print title as a premium offering within their multimedia stable. Those choosing […]

Jan 16, 2013 By Mario Garcia
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Magazine Covers: Does Sameness Sell?

[Originally published February 24, 2010] TAKEAWAY: Taking a look at those colorful press kiosks with dozens of magazines, one ponders many questions about the future of print, but, more precisely, what makes for a good magazine cover?  We turn to one of the world’s busiest and most recognized magazine designer, Robert Newman, for answers to […]

Jan 15, 2013 By Mario Garcia
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Three-Minute Interview: Robert Newman on Magazine Design

[Originally published September 22, 2008] In our Three-Minute Interview today, Bob Newman discusses the overall state of magazine design in the United States, while offering us a glimpse of his favorite typographic fonts.  Best magazine design overall: Wired. Mario: Bob, you are one of the most accomplished magazine designers I know: how do you see the […]

Dec 22, 2012 By Greg Lindsay
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Design Spotlight: Robert Newman

Fortune‘s design director talks about sublimating his ego, hop-scotching the print landscape, and the interchangability of art directors and editors. [Originally published February 3, 2005] There is no such thing as a “Robert Newman Look.” Unlike other designers—or, to be more specific, unlike Roger Black—Newman hasn’t carried with him any stylistic flourishes or quirks (like […]

Dec 21, 2012 By David Walker
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Real Simple: Creative Team of the Year

The team behind Real Simple fashions a seamless merger of form and function [Originally published March 1, 2004] Editors at Real Simple magazine found themselves in a jam one afternoon as their November issue was about to go to press. A feature story had fallen apart, leaving a gaping hole. So they turned to style […]